Security Guard Employment – What Does it Take?

When an individual undertakes the task of acquiring security guard employment they must meet at least two basic qualifications. This individual must have a clean criminal record. This individual must also have a high school diploma or equivalency personal security driver. Beyond these two basic requirements there are a varying number of further criteria that may need to be met depending on the company hiring them and the state in which the individual will be hired. Determine these criteria early on for an easier transition into this profession.

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Security guard employment is a tradition that goes back to the earliest days of humanity. The difference between a security guard and a law enforcement officer is who the individual reports to. A law enforcement officer must report to their infrastructure which ultimately leads to the city mayor. Larger scale operations such as state troopers, the FBI, etc. have a different individual they report to. That individual reports to someone else. With a private security job the individual ultimately reports to the owner of the company. This owner may or may not actually own the business or goods they are guarding.

The first step toward becoming a security guard is to make yourself as ‘attractive’ to your would-be boss as possible. This does not mean putting on revealing clothing or talking in a pornstar voice. This refers to your resume. Taking classes in law enforcement can be a major help. Any form of experience in this field can be helpful. Another way to help is to clean up your credit history. While some companies may not care, there are many that will disallow an individual from working for them if they have a poor credit history. This is due to the risk of subversion or outright theft. Some individuals believe that someone in great amounts of debt can be bought off easier. They might also be more prone to theft.

An education beyond high school is usually a good sign to a potential employer. If the state the job exists in requires licensing and this is available outside of actually being an on-duty security guard it will prove to be beneficial to get this license before applying. This proves that you are serious about this type of job and some times this is all it takes to be hired.

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