Dressing Room Safety

Trying clothes on in an unfamiliar dressing room can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience. Knowing a few simple things to look for in a changing room can greatly help you enjoy the process of trying on new clothes and find what you are looking for.

One of the most important things to look for is a locking door. This doesn’t have to be a heavy duty bolting lock; a sliding lock will work just fine  마곡노래방. The important thing is noticing that it is there and ensuring that it is functional when the changing room door is closed. If another patron is checking to see if the changing room is occupied, the locked door will clearly send the message.

Although fitting rooms come in many different styles and designs, the preferred types of changing rooms are those with walls that go all the way to the ground. This provides an extra level of privacy and thoroughly closes off the dressing rooms.

Another item to take note of is the location of the fitting rooms. Typically speaking, changing rooms are often tucked away in the corners of large retail stores. Most fitting rooms have open ceilings, and if these changing rooms are at all near stairs you could have a very serious privacy issue. This can often be remedied by moving the fitting rooms to a different location in the store.

Lastly, it is worth noting the lighting and mirrors within the dressing room. Some retail stores will have mirrors that are placed at a slight angle downward. This gives the illusion of making customers look thinner than they actually are. Lighting should not be overpowering, but bright enough to let you easily view yourself in the mirror.

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