Online Poker Strategy

Playing online poker is slightly different then playing in a real casino or poker room, as you don’t actually see your opponents. In a live game you’re able to observe your opponents and often it’s possible to pick up on tells from the other players on the table  Poker88 . When you play online poker you’re unable to see your opponents and it makes it a lot harder to tell when your opponent is bluffing.

Internet poker is also a lot quicker then live poker and you need to be able to make split second decisions on the fly. You also don’t get any time in between hands since the cards are shuffled automatically in seconds and dealt out.Players tend to be a lot looser when they play online poker compared to when they play live poker.

Part of the reason is that they don’t need to make the shameful walk from the poker table if they lose on a huge bluff or something similar. You need to keep this in mind when playing online poker because you don’t want to fold the best hand. Eventually you’ll be able to pick up on your opponent’s tendencies and you’ll have a better feel for when you should call and when you should fold.

Poker is a game that can earn you thousands and thousands of dollars once you become good, but it’s important that you learn as much as you can. Bankroll management is really important if you want to be a long-term poker player and you should definitely read up on how to manage your money properly. If you’re not already aware, online poker sites offer all new players bonuses, so it’s easy to earn an extra $100-$1000+ in bonuses and promotions over the first few months of playing poker online.

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