MBA Vs Executive MBA: Which Is Better for Professionals?

There are several ways to enhance one’s professional career. When it comes to advanced degrees, two great options are an MBA or an Executive MBA. The Full time MBA programme is meant for fresh graduates or graduates with less than five years of work experience. The Executive MBA (EMBA) programme is usually a one year programme which is typically part time. This is meant for professionals who have more than five years of work experience as managers or others MBA .

Many working professionals usually have trouble deciding whether to do 1 year executive MBA program or a regular full time two year MBA program. Choosing between a MBA and an EMBA may depend on your career goals. Professionals with 5 years experience or more may find EMBA to be a better option and to be more rewarding. Let us look at why EMBA is a better option for working professionals.

The entry requirements for both the courses are different. For a fresh graduate or a graduate with less than five years of work experience, a full time two-year regular MBA programme would be useful. However, for a working professional with more than five years of work experience as an executive, an EMBA programme would be a more relevant MBA programme for such professionals.

EMBA degrees are minimum one year courses and the mode of offering is part time or distance/online. Regular MBA degrees are two year courses and the mode of offering is full time, thus making it difficult for an established working professional to pursue a full time regular MBA. Hence, if a professional wants to do an MBA in a shorter period of time, then EMBA is the most suitable option for such a professional.

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