Know Why Your Dog Likes to Eat Droppings – Why Dogs Eat Poop

If you own a dog and your dog happens to like eating its poop, you may be wondering why some dogs do such things. The sight of a dog eating poop can be disgusting and nauseating, especially if it’s your dog. Such bad habit can cause emotional strain and possibly constant worry for the owner. Dog eating poops can also have serious health implications for the dog if not urgently arrested. However, it’s nothing to lose sleep about, if your dog eats poops be rest assured that it’s just one of many that engage in this dastardly act. As a matter of fact, it’s a rather prevalent dog behavior- this habit is generally called coprophagia. The question usually in the mind of the owner of a poop eating dog is; what on earth makes some dogs eat poop? In this article, I will attempt to answer this question and provide possible solutions.

Why on Earth Do Dogs Eat Poop?

There are several reasons why a dog will eat poop. One simple reason is due to hunger and other deep rooted nutritional issues. If a dog is constantly denied food or is insufficiently fed, it may resort to poop eating to supplement the lack of food. Secondly, if the immediate surrounding-cage or pen is left untidy, the animal may begin to eat the droppings around as a way of addressing the problem. It can also happen if a dog observes another dog eating poop and may begin to wonder if it’s a normal practice-if the other dog is not restrained or rebuked, your dog may feel that it’s normal and will try to imitate the other dog given the opportunity.

As you may know, there are serious health issues associated with this unacceptable behavior. A dog may begin to lack the necessary nutrients it needs to develop due to the activities of worms and other parasites that suck in these vitamins and minerals. Though dogs are naturally smart animals, they still possess their inherent animal instincts and can do unpredictable things sometimes. Your dog may also eat poop if it observes you picking up these in your surrounding-it may try to imitate your actions in its own special way.

Adjusting this Terrible Behavior

The very first step you should take if you notice your dog eating droppings is to visit an experienced vet. You want to make sure than too much damage hasn’t been done health wise. Those worms and parasites will definitely settle down inside the dog if there’s a regular supply of excreta. If you are lucky and the vet gives you a clean bill of health, he should be able to help you address the issue. If it happens that after a visit to the doctor, your dog still continues to eat poop, then you move to step 2.

Poop Withdrawal Training

Before you begin this training, you have to make sure that you rid your surroundings of any residue of droppings. The dog’s pen must be kept tidy and clean, road paths leading to your home must be free of poops. It is important you feed your dog sufficiently-they must not be allowed to stave. Whenever you notice that you dog want to eat excreta, have a water spray handy and spray it on them. You can also employ voice command-an affirmative NO can send a clear message that it’s an unacceptable behavior.

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