What Should Dentists Blog About?

When creating a website, a blog should be an integral piece of your plan. Many visitors will go to your site expecting to find a resource such as a blog to help them along the decision process of choosing you for their dentistry.

Blogs can be tricky to upkeep – if one week goes by without a post, it becomes easy to fall far behind postonmagazine.com. But customers trust companies that write regular blog posts giving them information they wouldn’t have found elsewhere, so its important to keep a regular schedule.

The best way to combat this problem is to create a master editorial calendar that will help you on the days when you just can’t think of a new topic. Having your content (at the very least subject matter) planned ahead of time is a huge stress reliever. Create a calendar that maps out when you will publish new posts and what they will contain. Plan this calendar a month in advance – which, if you’re posting once a week, is only four posts! Creating an editorial calendar is great for time management because you don’t have to constantly worry about where your next piece is coming from.

The problem is… what do you blog about?

There are a lot of topics dentists can speak about on their website blog – the most important piece of blogging is to make sure you’re putting a unique “spin” on your content. Everything has been written about ten times… what’s going to make your post stand out? Come up with a hook, and you’ll have readers excited to visit your site again and again.

Keep SEO in mind
For instance, if you want to attract more patients who need crowns, you should write about the crown work you do. Obviously don’t leave your writing to one topic – cover all the procedures you specialize in to show your audience how well practiced your dentistry is. Never underestimate the power of SEO.

Current health trends
Choose whether you want to limit this to dentistry or widen it to health in general. People love finding their news from different sources and reading opinion articles, so don’t discount the value you’re adding!

Changes happening in your practice
Along the same lines of posting job openings, write about things that are going on in your office. Are you having a company barbeque or attending a big charity event? Did you just hire a new doctor? Take plenty of pictures and share them with your readers! They will appreciate the opportunity to get to know you on a more personal level.

Captivating cases
Sometimes a patient’s case is so interesting that you might want to write about it. Before you take to your laptop and type up your blog, make sure to keep the patient’s personal information confidential. You should also have somewhere in your initial consent forms that photos and radiographs may be used for teaching and presentation purposes so that you may also use these for the blog.

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