Plato And Civilization

If ever God descended on earth to talk to human beings, surely he will speak like Plato. No other language will suit Him so well, in order to touch the mind, heart and soul of human beings. By reading his celestial dialogues, one rather feels that God incarnated as Plato, in order to distribute knowledge, wisdom and love to humanity. His thoughts are so profound and perfectly chiselled, that no one as yet, managed to add even one iota onto his celestial writings.

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Hoping not to exaggerate, I want to voice, like the fanatical Islamite Omar for his Koran, “Burn the voluminous libraries, they are unnecessary, since their true values are all in Plato’s writings”. Whatever one wants to know trend line, he will find it always in his books. Philosophy, physics, metaphysics, immortality, sociology, cosmogony, language, politics, mathematics, justice, pedagogy, literature, astronomy, rhetoric, civil constitution, hygiene, athletics, pure love and whatever els

Plato’s book “The Republic” will suffice to educate the world”, said Emerson, no other schooling is necessary.

Without Plato’s thoughts, we would surely all look like the young infants, who scream and kick their little legs, until they learn to speak the mother’s tongue, and say what they want in order to calm themselves.

Plato means philosophy and philosophy means Plato. He is the father and teacher of man’s reason, and without him, societies of today would not be far better than the lower animal kingdom. He established the first organised school on earth, and until today, 25 centuries later, schoolbells ring in every city and village around the globe.

He consumed, like a silkworm, the undefined and unripe thoughts of ancient Greece, Egypt, Babylonia and Asia, in order to synthesise and deliver them in a more defined and perfect way to Hellenes, and other European nations. Barbarians and savages of the world became calmer psychosomatically by suckling Plato’s mental ambrosia for 2500 years. Philosophers, mystics, poets, prose writers, language teachers, rhetoric’s, astronomers, cosmogonist, pedagogues and dogmatic worshipers, all ran and will still run forever into the mystery, that is named Plato.

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