Pros and Cons of Each Gym Equipment

Different kinds of gym equipments required in a gym. All these equipments have different functions and features of their own. Wide array of gym equipments come in the market as well. Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Weight Plates. Barbell sets. All these equipments used in gym workouts are available in different styles and models.

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Dumbbells: They are one of the oldest gym equipments. A pair of dumbbell can be easily bought from the local gym stores at reasonable prices gang tay dam boc . Dumbbells have a wide range of advantages. It can be easily purchased from the gym stores at low prices and it requires only minimum maintenance. Due to its low cost, you can buy more dumbbells than the machine for performing multiple exercises simultaneously.

Kettlebell: A set of kettlebell is used to perform many fitness related tasks. In a traditional way these equipments were used for weight lifting in public gym and today it is used in homes for workouts. A small weight plate with number of handle is fixed to the platform or bench of the kettle bell. To perform various exercises with a set of kettlebell, a person needs more practice.

Weight Plates: Another kind of gym equipment is the weight plates. They can be used for general exercises like running, jumping etc. Weight Plates can be used in both indoor and outdoor gym machines. The main advantage of weight plates is that it can be adjusted according to your height.

Rowing Machines: Rowing machines are also one of the most popular gym equipment. There are many types of rowing machines available in the market. One of the most common machines used by people for workouts are indoor rowers. These rowing machines give excellent results as they simulate the oceanic conditions. Indoor rowing machines are quite comfortable and quiet.

Exercise Bike: You can also opt for exercise bike for performing all kinds of exercises. It can be used along with treadmill for cardio training. It can be used to add resistance during workout and can be used for leg and arm exercises too. The best part about these bikes is that you can keep them inside the house where there is no space for parking and yet can be used for exercising daily. If you can keep them under the fitness room, then this gym equipment is the right choice for you.

Cross Trainer: This fitness equipment allows you to stretch your entire body at the same time. The trainer puts continuous and intense stress on various muscles of the body. Some of the pros of cross trainers include weight training and cardio workouts. Another important advantage is that it improves muscle strength.

All these fitness equipments give great results but if you do not choose them wisely then they may not give you the desired results. So it is very important to know your personal preferences before buying any piece of gym equipment. Remember that if you do not stretch your muscles properly then they will not be able to gain any strength and may even suffer from injuries. Hence, you should be very careful while choosing a gym and make sure that you do not choose any piece of equipment that harms your muscle groups.

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