4 Weight Loss Tips on How to Lose Weight While Eating and Drinking

For real? I know that sounds suspicious. It’s really difficult to believe that you can still lose weight without cutting down on your eating and drinking.

Come to think of it: A LOT of so-called weight loss experts and A LOT of conventional weight loss program advocate dramatically cutting down your food and beverage consumption to see considerable weight loss.

BUT let me tell you this: there indeed is a way on how to lose weight even as you eat and drink. I know you’re excited to devour these weight loss tips. Let’s look at one key factor why these tips work…something that most of the experts miss:

NOT all foods and drinks contribute to weight gain!

Matter of fact, there are a handful of foods and beverages that help you on how to lose weight while eating and drinking.

BUT of course, there are foodstuffs and drinks that you NEED to stay away from. Even the so-called low-calorie or low-carb ones contribute greatly to weight gain.

Heck! They even contain more fats and calories, or substitute sugar with saccharine (which is worse than sugar!) than their conventional counter-parts.

Now that we’re done with this VERY important realization, let’s get on with the “how to lose weight” tips that WORK even while you’re drinking or eating!

Weight Loss Tip 1

Drink A LOT of water…and I mean A LOT.

Think about it – your body is made of 70% water. That alone proves that water is crucial NOT only for survival but for healthy living as well. They flush out harmful toxins and substances.

AND water increases your metabolic rate to heights that enable you to BURN and get rid of fats at a very biofit reviews 2021 rapid pace. Eight glasses of water is a safe and healthy figure. BUT if you could add 2 more glasses of water (before and after meals) that is EVEN BETTER!

The more the healthier!

Weight Loss Tip 2

Drinking juices (natural ones ok!) can greatly help in shedding those unwanted fats.

And cranberry juice is on top of this list. If you can alternate your cranberry juice and water intake, then all the better!

Here’s what you can do: drink 4 glasses of water and 4 glasses of cranberry juice in one day. You’re flushing out toxins…replacing them with nutrients from the cranberry juice, and you’re doubling the weight loss power they have!

Weight Loss Tip 3

Any fruit that is jam-packed with Vitamin C is a MUST. They have to be included in your diet since they help greatly in weight loss.

Lemons are your best friends in terms of losing fats. Not to mention lemons will help you cleanse your kidneys and other vital organs as well. That alone (the elimination of harmful substances) will result to weight loss of at least 10 lbs.

Weight Loss Tip 4

If cranberry juice can help you lose weight, then its RAW can, too!

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