Two Effective Flat Tummy Exercises & the Real Keys to a Smaller Waistline

Have people told you that you can reduce fat from your waistline simply by doing ab exercises? Maybe you’ve seen this on television?

I’m here to tell you it’s all a myth. These so called “flat tummy exercises” will help eventually, but you have to achieve other goals first.

You simply cannot get rid of fat from a certain area on your body just by doing exercise, and certainly not by Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews doing ab exercises. Why? Because they do very little to burn fat. Ab exercises are great for toning the stomach area once you’ve gotten rid of the fat, but you actually have to get rid of that fat first!

So how do you lose fat? You burn more calories than you take in! And you do that buy eating a balanced diet rich in nutrients. This includes green vegetables, fresh fruits, products containing whole wheat and whole grain, lean meats, and egg whites. You should also limit foods high in saturated fat, and avoid foods with sugar, trans fats or high fructose corn syrup.

The other way you lose fat off your midsection is to start exercising. And I do not mean doing a bunch of ab exercises! In order to burn fat, you need to have more lean muscle, and that means you need to grow your “big” muscles, such as your chest, arms and legs. This includes women too. And don’t worry, you will not end up looking like a bodybuilder! Also, add some cardio exercise, but don’t overdo it! Running on a treadmill for hours and hours is not a good exercise strategy.

Now, you can add some flat tummy exercises to your routine as well. Just make sure they do not make up your whole exercise routine. I will talk about two flat tummy exercises that I have found to be very effective. With both, you will be standing up, since this contracts your abs. Too many crunches will just shorten your abs, and give you bad posture.

The first exercise has to do with standing on a dip machine, and lifting your legs to your stomach. You only have to do about 12 to 15 of these, and you will feel a real burn in your abs.

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