Storm Safety: Hurricane Covers and Tarps

If you live in an area where hurricanes are common, you must follow certain steps for proper weather protection. Using hurricane covers and tarps is the best way to protect your home from damage from a hurricane. A waterproof tarp specially designed for storm protection is a key item for your roof to have. In addition, heavy duty poly tarps are very effective for adequate hurricane coverage that will keep your roof free of damage.

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Why You Need to Tarp Your Roof

Tarping your roof with a waterproof tarp is the recommended strategy for eliminating the possibility of further damage after a hurricane. You can use hurricane covers and tarps both for weather protection prior to a storm or as an emergency fix in the wake of a damaging hurricane. Heavy duty poly tarps will keep your home safe and dry while you determine the best options for repair and while your insurance company completes their appraisal tarps.

In addition, using a waterproof tarp designed for hurricane protection will decrease the amount of damage incurred and therefore the cost to fix your roof. There are several types of damage that can occur as a result of a bad storm, including torn shingles, missing panels, water damage, and indentations in your roof or roof vents. All of these forms of damage indicate that heavy duty poly tarps are necessary for weather protection.

Steps to Proper Tarping

Tarping a roof is actually quite simple with the proper tools and equipment. You will need a waterproof tarp that is rated for hurricane use. Heavy duty poly tarps provide maximum durability and protection. You should cover the damaged or leaking area with the waterproof tarp, and leave about four feet of extra room on each end of the tarp. Next, use 2 X 4 pieces of wood to secure the tarp to the roof. You can do this by wrapping the tarp around the wood, nailing or stapling the two together, and then adding more pieces of wood for greater security.

Weather Protection Offered by Prominent Online Stores

Prominent online stores offer a variety of hurricane tarps and covers to provide you with ultimate weather protection. The heavy duty poly tarps, provided by these stores, prevent tearing and give you the best protection possible. All these hurricane tarps are waterproof and resist acid and mildew. In addition, heavy duty poly tarps are very durable and manufactured with a UV treatment on all of the material. For ultimate weather protection, visit these stores to find a waterproof tarp that meets your hurricane needs.

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